Ana Carvalho

Ana Carvalho is a visual artist, academic and web designer. She also organises events individually and as part of several collectives. Ana Carvalho was born in Porto, Portugal. She travels to experience different cultures and languages as as a semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Web based work explores the common space between art and design. Major themes in the art work of Ana Carvalho are emotional celebrations in daily life, women’s achievements, fictional biography and ways of knowing. Projects evidence process as art and are presented in several media, sometimes in more than one medium: live visual performances, installations, videos and online.

Ana’s friends are also interested in Art; It’s the way they see life worth living:
The most well know of Ana’s collective projects is no doubt VJ Theory that she co-edit with Brendan Byrne. This project is about philosophy and theory that informs and are informed by VJing and realtime audiovisual performance. She also organises abertura, a VJing and realtime performance event in Lisbon, Portugal with Elsa Vieira (aka MonkeyFish).

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