Decalcomania publication available online

We would  like to share the Decalcomania publication, if you would like a digital copy please click here:

Decalcomania Publication

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A few images of the exhibition

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Worry du jour

Its Sunday night and now its less than a week to go. The week ahead looks intense. The Install. Excitement propells us forward and everyday we learn something new. But also every day there is something diffrent to worry about. The monsters of today eat the worries of yesterday. Yesterday worries about the post, that got resolved so today it’s the sound. Maybe that goes to show you must not spend time worrying.

Sometimes in Tom & Jerry cartoons – or perhaps it was in Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner –  when they get in a really awful scrap, a picture of flowers comes up with the line: ‘We would rather show you this bunch of flowers instead of the violent scenes that follow’  (or something to that effect).

We feel the same.

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Bearlean or I want to fly a kite too

Adam is in Berlin. I wonder what he gets up to there?

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Felines for Decalcomania

Felines for Decalcomania.

“I do feel happy today. No reason in particular”.

A pose from Clementine in London and a kiss from Michou the Fluffer in Porto.

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Site visit 3 and last *Tiago Pereira

Tiago is supposed to come on Tuesday but he can’t make it. As we wonder why, we spend time with Ana and organise local musicians to film. Phone calls and emails shower the day.

Tiago arrives late because he had to be on a prominent Portuguese culture talk show.  From the moment he arrives Tiago is open, he is here as a friend.  He is open to the surprises of British culture, to jokes and advice, to ambivalent outcomes, peculiar circumstances and even accepts the weather.  Tiago tells us what he likes and when he ‘s happy.  He listens when he is told to avoid coffee. He works very hard, as promised.     We don’t party at all, just have a beer but never at lunch time. It feels like a communal enterprise. We are a team.

We watch him on the talk show on line, although it’s in a language we don’t know,  Tiago’s love and dedication for the archiving project of Portuguese music  A Musica Portuguesa a gostar dela propria is enough to reduce one to tears.

Driving around Cornwall learning about dreams on film and a life in music. I try to learn some Portuguese but I sound Spanish. Tiago gets addicted to  al’ight mi ‘ansome – a staple phrase. On the last day a realisation strikes: I have never paid as much attention to music as at the hour filming. A new experience, alone with the music.

ps. look on Tiago Pereira’s Vimeo for Cornish Decalcomania Sessions.


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Site visit 2* Ana Carvalho

Ana Carvalho makes a journey to her old favourite Falmouth, although she stays in Penryn – in a sunny place kindly offered by Mette. Most importantly she meets Laura. We learn about Ana’s life as an academic, her travels as a performer and about hundreds of stories she’s tied into a book.
We laugh and employ lateral thinking when discussing any sort of verb. Questions come up; philosophical questions that will never leave us. Driving in the car we talk about cooking from your imagination not by the rules, following a different path. Around the table, on the beach Ana shares her experience on calmness and memory and mischievous artists.

What can I say? Ana knows what she want and she knows how to get it. Veni Vidi Vici.
She takes away flowers and captured sun to fashion into poetry, performance and film.

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