The Events

Solo Performance
Friday 23rd September  6:30-7pm
In the Engine Room
Sarah will present an opening night  performance specifically created to precede the exhibition’s opening

The edible superstructure
Saturday 24th September 3-4pm
In the Engine Room
Decalcomania’s curators will informally present and discuss the exhibition’s process, aims and ethos

Cheers Tears
Saturday 24th September 5-6pm
In the cafe
SeungJung invites teams of local volunteers to share a conversation and a drink of Soju with her. Soju is a traditional South Korean drink and will be served from a selection of SeungJung’s handmade clay cups

To Re-walk Yesterday’s Walk
Sunday 25th September 11:30am
Starting at The Exchange
Darren will lead a public walk that follows a route he has taken many times in the past, from Penzance to Lamorna Cove. Participants may drop in and out of the walk at any point, to trace his footsteps and memories, as well as, potentially, their own

Ceremonial Sunset
Sunday 25th September
Time and venue to be announced
A one-off performance organised in collaboration with the Penzance Sea Cadets

Systematic Illusion: The Subtle Technique in an Earthquake Detector Construction
Friday 14th October 6-7pm
In the gallery

Live audio-visual performance in which Ana will mix video and sound, recorded here in Cornwall and in her native Portugal, with references to the art of illusionists and with a poetic understanding of landscape and place

Cornwall Decalcomania Music Sessions live
Friday 14th October 7-8pm
In the gallery

Live audio-visual performance in which Tiago will mix, remix and layer a selection of sound and video footage recently recorded of local Cornish musicians. The featured musicians will also be invited to perform alongside their recordings and one another

Rocks, socks and Blocks
Saturday 15th October 4-6pm
In the Engine Room
An artists’ talk, exploration and discussion

Decalled Upon
Wednesday 19th October 6-7pm
In the gallery

An interactive dance performance with Ruth Pethybridge that interprets the struggles and adaptations when communication breaks down…whether through language barriers, or through networking devices such as online chat and video-chat.”How do we work to express and be understood when we have different languages and cultural cues…? How do we work to express and be understood when the symbols of written language are our only information, and non-verbal cues such as expression and gesture are taken away?”

Catching the Drift
Friday 21st October 11am-4pm
Starting in the Engine Room and then out into Penzance.
On a day out in Penzance and with a group of local residents as guides Dominic will embark on the task of photographing sites of Penzance to later incorporate, with the help of the group, into the virtual world he has created for the exhibition. Dominic will conclude the day with a public talk on his work and the day’s activity

The power is real and it is what animates the way forward
Friday 21st October and Saturday 22nd October 1pm and 5pm
In the gallery
A series of lunch time and evening public discussions about Haiti which take as their starting point a pamphlet that will be handed out in Penzance during the week leading up to the discussions and will be available at the gallery throughout the exhibition. The pamphlet will be based on Peter Hallward’s book Damming the Flood – Haiti and the Politics of Containment. Each discussion will also include different invited speakers, to offer varied perspectives

Drawing Party
Saturday 22nd October 2-4pm
In the Engine Room
‘Your hand is magic. The lines you draw belong to you. Making is thinking. Your eyes are always working. This is a fun workshop for tall and tiny people. It won’t be complicated, it will be fun

Why I’m not a Scaffolder
Saturday 22nd October 6-8pm
In the Engine Room
A presentation and discussion on the many uses of computer games