Maria Christoforidou

Sharp Pallindrome, 2011

I was born in Zambia, grew up in Greece and have spent most of my adult life in the UK apart from a small but radical residency in Spain. The insoluble differences of these environments are powerful incentives toward theory. Theory* has allowed me the freedom to be personal and the gift of questioning the norm. Art of any form has been an entry point, a boat in the vast sea of theory. Perhaps these ‘insoluble differences’ are also the reason that I cant’ help thinking in metaphors and similes. There is always something, somewhere or someone else involved.

My sustained concern with questions of difference, change, oppositions and collaborations has developed alongside an investigation into the operation of language, its historical specificity and etymology set against its use. Truly joining forces with others in this project has fortified what lies in the core of all my endeavors: a desire to invite a change of perception. New ways of thinking, new points of view new personas, new planes of action that don’t cancel out each other so can be inhabited all at once.

Apart from agonising over words and sentences, I am investigating ideas surrounding visual essays, the ‘performing’ of art history and the documentation of performance.

*I like reading post something theories, post -educational, feminist, colonial, structuralist etc

2 Responses to Maria Christoforidou

  1. patrick says:

    “that don’t cancel out each other so can be inhabited all at once. ”

    Sorry to nitpick, but this sentence doesn’t sound too right.
    “…that don’t cancel themselves out and so can be inhabited all at once”

  2. elitsa kou says:

    Γειά σου Μαρικάκι!!
    Η θείτσα Ρηνούλα..
    Φιλάκια πολλά!!!

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