Laura Smith

I was born in Nottingham but subsequently spent much of my childhood moving house and school around the country. Perhaps this means I will be forever nomadic. I think it has also affected the way I approach contemporary art and its presentation. At present I work as a curator and writer between London and Cornwall.

Recent exhibitions include Snowballing at The Glasgow Project Room with Rebecca Wilcox (2011), Ways and Means, a collaboratively curated programme for Wysing Arts Centre (2010), Mine is Yours I & II at The Heartlands Project (2009) C for the Crooked at the Whitstable Biennial (2008) and Constance Kent at the Weymouth and Portland Cultural Olympiad (2008). I am currently working on Decalcomania as well as a long term project with friend and collaborator Rebecca Wilcox for Leeds College of Art and Design, and have recently published a critical essay for artists John Cake and Darren Neave and a series of short texts in the journal 2HB.

My particular areas of research are in collaboration and association, and in de-territorialisation, gaps, spacing, difference and fiction, especially with regard to exhibition making, performance art and contemporary dance. I am also fond of play, and humour and subtlety.

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