The Exchange

Hopefully the combination of video, photographs and floor plan will give everyone an idea of the rather complex space. Click on all the image for full size pictures. The video perhaps could have done with a voice over but I assure you it’s for the best not to.

The different areas of the gallery are coloured and numbered and the numbers correspond to the pictures.

Glass front/Pink line

These are two exterior shots from Princes Street looking at the curved expanse of glass that surrounds the gallery on the ground floor of the building, indicated on the plan by the pink line.

Click the following link for images of The Exchange at night, illuminated by the work of Peter Freeman

Shop and Reception: no1 on the floor plan/Blue

Ramp wall : no2 on the floor plan/Blue

This area is visible from the street and leads to the cafe. The “ramp wall” as it is called is associated with the shop, customarily exhibiting prints or paintings that are sold through the shop. The yellow wall seen in the previous pictures behind and to the right of the reception desk has a similar function. We are keen to use these spaces and we are in discussion with the gallery about how they can be used in the Decalcomania exhibition.

The cafe, no 3 on the floor plan/ Green
There is potential of showing small works in the cafe. Ana had expressed a wish to perhaps project something in there.

Main Gallery space: no 4,5,6,7,8 (in that order) on the floor plan/Yellow

The door with the brooms is not normally open.
Print! exhibition is currently on, for which a print studio was installed on the right hand side of the gallery(8).

The pop-up shop/Blue

This room previously the resource room is now The pop-up shop where editions, prints, books etc are sold, so it changes according to different exhibitions. We are keen to interact in a lively way with this space as well as the ramp wall.
Does anyone have any ideas that would fit such a space with commercial function?

The education room, floor plan/Green
This is called The engine room. The gallery is willing to let us use this as an exhibition space but the educational team have their regular art classes in there from October onwards. Another issue to negotiate. It is not normally filled all this stuff either.

The Video.
Hopefully this walk through the gallery video made by Martyn will be the final touch to forming a complete picture of the space. Enjoy.