Gethin Wyn Jones

Aur yr Haul yn n Bore

“I’m exploring the relationship between colours and different systems or situations. I have been using a computer to study the interaction of colour but gradually this has lead me to study perspective and the construction of a virtual two dimensional space. My intension at the moment is to make this “virtual two dimensional space” seem vast, but this creates a lot of restrictions on how the work is presented. Since I tend to work with a computer, I‘m fascinated with how I should present this space. I meticulously construct a space that has the potential to feel enormous, but is often only seen on a computer screen.

Furthermore, I use using grids to represent different shapes and space which means I have an interest in how the work is visually constructed. By using grids I’m able to create an orthographic projection instead of invoking perspective. This enables me to emphasise the scale of the virtual landscape and to study how people interpret what they see.”

Gethin Wyn Jones, 2010