Site visit 3 and last *Tiago Pereira

Tiago is supposed to come on Tuesday but he can’t make it. As we wonder why, we spend time with Ana and organise local musicians to film. Phone calls and emails shower the day.

Tiago arrives late because he had to be on a prominent Portuguese culture talk show.  From the moment he arrives Tiago is open, he is here as a friend.  He is open to the surprises of British culture, to jokes and advice, to ambivalent outcomes, peculiar circumstances and even accepts the weather.  Tiago tells us what he likes and when he ‘s happy.  He listens when he is told to avoid coffee. He works very hard, as promised.     We don’t party at all, just have a beer but never at lunch time. It feels like a communal enterprise. We are a team.

We watch him on the talk show on line, although it’s in a language we don’t know,  Tiago’s love and dedication for the archiving project of Portuguese music  A Musica Portuguesa a gostar dela propria is enough to reduce one to tears.

Driving around Cornwall learning about dreams on film and a life in music. I try to learn some Portuguese but I sound Spanish. Tiago gets addicted to  al’ight mi ‘ansome – a staple phrase. On the last day a realisation strikes: I have never paid as much attention to music as at the hour filming. A new experience, alone with the music.

ps. look on Tiago Pereira’s Vimeo for Cornish Decalcomania Sessions.


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