Site visit 1 * Sarah Tripp

In the summer, in June, Sarah Tripp comes to visit. Its her first visit to Cornwall. She is thinking about being by the sea, ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ and small communities. Sarah and Maria spend some time exploring and experiencing The Exchange. Blair shows them round, even the basement and the offices.

We make this out of air drying clay in Newlyn. Sarah is the rounded shapes, Maria is the squares (and the little explosions). We meet Kirsty. Sarah has some good questions. We have lunch in Penzance and its raining. Sarah is going to do a performance on the first day of the exhibition. Probably in the Engine Room.
We listen to an unexpected concerto.

We are always talking. No matter what we are saying we return to notions on ‘having a practice’. Where does ones practice stand in relation to making finished works of art?
We believe it a key and that unlocks something. Sarah cares, notices and thinks about everything and everyone. We have dinner with LR who joins in. We carry on talking with bursts of laughter, about what art school makes us into, the friends of friends we rather avoid and food. We drink tea and go to bed early.

Everything is inspiring. Everything makes sense. Sarah has a good day in St.Ives but the trains are capricious. All ends well with fish and chips. The memory left is the strength of the gentle and the power of the small. Thank you Sarah Tripp (for the gifts, say the daughters)

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