Decalcomania artists exhibiting now!

Ana Carvalho


MOKS, Mooste, Estonia
4th- 21st of August, 2010

Works from ten artists participating in residency programmes at Binaural in Nodar, Portugal, and MoKS in Mooste, Estonia. In 2007 these two programmes decided to exchange artists between their residency centers.

The current exhibition collates a selection of works that were either produced during the residencies or after, based on materials collected during the residency. Each artist has implemented different ways of experiencing and reflecting location and despite having returned home, Nodar and Mooste have left traces on their lives and practices as much as the artists themselves have left their own imprint on these places.

Adam Burton


The basement, Edel Assanti Project Space
15th July – 14th August 2010

Adam Burton, Ben Garrod and Lee Stone have collaborated on an ongoing sound project (a ‘band’ in the loosest possible sense of the word) for the last twelve years. This exhibition marks their second collective foray in to the visual arts. Approaching the modernist mainstay of geometry as mystics in the curatorial experiment Free On at Vulpes Vulpes in Hackney; the trio constructed makeshift tetrahedroid anti-plinths on which to mount randomised sound pieces that reworked their individual roles in the ‘band’. These tetrapods were surrounded by misleading geometric wall paintings that fused a modernist hard edge aesthetic with post modern psyborg hard links that took the viewer via their mobile phone to redundant information about the show posted on the gallery’s website and a myspace page for a fake band.

This new show at Edel Assanti is ostensibly inspired by Edwin Abott Abott’s 1884 satirical novella Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (quoted above). In which a being from a two dimensional universe encounters a being of three dimensions and visits worlds of zero, one and three dimensions (although not ours). However it is also likely to be about the artists shared interests in theoretical physics, anarchism and semantic noise. Although there is nothing about misanthropy or crushing failure.

There will be painting, text and video work that is responsive to the space and the themes outlined above.

Matthew Hodson

DOOM 3.0

Nobrow Gallery, London
22nd July – 24th September 2010

Artists Matthew the Horse (Hodson) and Jon Boam will be showing a collection of screen prints, digital work and 3D pieces, the show will be an explosion of colour and craftsmanship.

I have gone bald down below
My genre isn’t getting enough hits
You can’t unplug a wireless connection
Wiping spaff of a glass screen
This smart phone is too intuitive

Plugged into an infinite data feed we overwhelmed ourselves and fell into oblivion. When the apocalypse comes you will be running an operating system called….

Dooom 3.0

Do not install your updates.

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